The Book Dungeon

The Book Dungeon is an indie bookstore that specializes in fantasy books and games. From a New York Times Bestselling author like J.R.R Tolkien to an award-winning, indie author such as Anne MacReynold, we provide what readers like you want. 

Not a fan of fantasy? That's okay, too. We have books of all genres here. 

Explore the dungeon and find the story that speaks to you! 

Though, you may never want to leave...

We are located solely online at the moment. 

A physical location on the Kenai Peninsula is pending!

Our Founders

Samantha Reynolds


An Alaskan resident who loves novels, art, and her family. A successful businesswoman of several book-related professions. Including a novelist, editor, book designer, and publisher.

Brandon Rice


An Alaskan resident who loves games, scale-model building, and his family. A successful book designer, streamer, and hard-working man of the oil field.